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Adam Marshall Hames at The Hames Law Firm L.L.C. is a criminal defense attorney serving the Atlanta, Georgia, metro. He works in his clients’ best interests through professional, responsive and cost-effective legal representation. Whether that involves going to trial or settling matters before trial, Mr. Hames works diligently to satisfy the needs of all his clients.

Mr. Hames has years of experience working with Georgians facing criminal charges. When people seek his help, he always takes time to understand their needs, concerns, goals and desired outcomes surrounding their case. While he treats everyone with dignity and respect, he never shies away from the truth and always provides clients with realistic expectations.

A Skilled Attorney Offering A Strategic Approach

Mr. Hames handles both state and federal criminal cases. Over the years, he has built a reputation as a skilled appellate and trial lawyer who can identify legal issues and the facts that support or undercut arguments in criminal cases.

No matter the circumstances, Mr. Hames enjoys the challenge of litigating and appealing criminal cases. As a persuasive writer, he can recognize his audience and break down the novel and complex legal issues in a way that resonates with them. His audiences often include juries, trial court judges and appellate court judges.

Many former clients say Mr. Hames is a compassionate, intelligent, reliable attorney. They said they appreciated his ability to ease their worries when facing life-altering criminal charges. Others admired his ability to quickly jump in and represent them last minute and how he was always available to address any questions or concerns they had.

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