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Defending You Against Serious Drug Crimes In Georgia

Georgia’s stance on drug offenses is one of zero tolerance, with some of the nation’s most stringent laws. Individuals convicted of drug violations such as possession, sale and trafficking can receive long prison terms and other harsh penalties. Experienced defense counsel is a must to navigate this complicated and punitive process.

At The Hames Law Firm L.L.C. in Atlanta, Georgia, criminal defense attorney Adam Marshall Hames brings over 25 years of legal knowledge to the table, offering robust defense strategies to those accused of drug crimes or other serious criminal offenses. Mr. Hames will protect your right to due process.

Georgia Classifications For Controlled Substances

Understanding the complexities of drug charges in Georgia is critical for mounting a successful defense. The state classifies drugs into five schedules, each with varying degrees of severity:

  • Schedule I: Drugs without a recognized medical use that have a high potential for abuse, including marijuana, heroin and certain synthetic opioids like fentanyl.
  • Schedule II: Dangerous substances with a high potential for abuse, such as cocaine and methamphetamine, as well as certain prescription drugs.
  • Schedule III: Drugs with a medium to low dependence risk and lower abuse potential compared to Schedule I or II drugs, including products containing less than 90 milligrams of codeine per dosage unit.
  • Schedule IV: Drugs that have less potential for abuse compared to Schedule III substances, including tranquilizers and other similar medications.
  • Schedule V: Substances that have the lowest potential for abuse, including limited quantities of certain narcotics.

People convicted for unlawfully possessing Schedule I or II drugs in Georgia can receive prison terms of two to 30 years. Penalties for possessing Schedule III, IV or V drugs can result in a one to five-year prison term.

Dedicated criminal defense attorney Hames works to ensure that clients understand the charges and receive vigorous representation, fighting to have charges dismissed or reduced, securing not guilty verdicts in court or minimizing penalties.

Alternative Sentencing Options For First Offenders

You may be eligible for the Georgia First Offender Act if you are convicted of a drug crime but have no previous criminal history.

Attorney Hames has extensive experience with this alternative sentencing option, under which you may lessen penalties and avoid a permanent criminal record if you meet all the requirements.

Navigating Marijuana Charges In Georgia

Despite dynamic shifts in public opinion and laws allowing recreational cannabis in multiple states, Georgia maintains harsh penalties for marijuana use and possession. Possessing an ounce of marijuana or less can lead to significant fines and incarceration, while the state prosecutes cases with amounts exceeding an ounce even more severely.

Although Atlanta and other jurisdictions have made moves toward decriminalizing small amounts, marijuana possession remains a serious offense statewide. Mr. Hames understands the nuances of federal and state cannabis laws and works steadfastly to get charges dismissed or reduced.

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